Nintendo came out with all of the stops during their E3 Nintendo Direct, and we got a whole host of information for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which yes is the official title. I’ve been so hyped for the game since it was announced back at the March Nintendo Direct, so it was pretty amazing to see lots of information for the game. The major thing I was excited about was the fact the Gamecube controller can be used to play the game, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

One of the other major things that got announced is the fact that every single Smash Bros fighter from the past 10 years is going to be in the game. That means 65 playable will be available to use. Everyone from Mario to Pikachu, Marth to Link, and even Duck Hunt to Samus, everyone is back together. I do feel like, with all of these fighters coming back, this game is going to be very much be a museum for the franchise. And that’s actually not a bad thing.

Now hear me out: I’ve played the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS versions of the game, and I loved all of those versions. And the fighters in each version are amazing to play with. And in any Smash Bros game, everyone wants to have an ultimate roster of fighters, so this game is satisfying the entire Smash Bros fanbase.

Something else I’m super excited about that is in the game is the huge amount of stages that are going to available to battle on. One of the ones I’m excited about is Princess Peach’s Castle. It looks incredible, but battling on the roof seems a little bit scary. And I know for sure, I would probably die first and lose the match.

I want to hear what you guys think about this new Smash Bros game. Tell me if you’re excited about it, if you feel like it is going to a museum for the franchise, if you think that’s good or bad, and what stage and character you are most looking forward to. And you can stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more E3 2018 coverage.

Source: IGN