The highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s The Incredibles is finally here.  The film’s cast recently spoke at a press conference in Hollywood for The Incredibles 2.  The newest and youngest star in the movie Huck Milner talked about his experiences.


The Incredibles 2 takes place immediately after the first film.  For most of the cast this was not a problem.  Their voices hadn’t changed much in thirteen years.  Spencer Fox played the family’s troublemaker son Dash in the first film.  Spencer was ten when he originally played the role.  Instead of Spencer trying to recapture that ten-year-old energy, The Incredibles 2 cast a new Dash.


Dashiell “Dash” Parr is played by Huck Milner in The Incredibles 2.  When asked about the first time he saw The Incredibles he said, “Well, I saw the first movie when I was like five or something.”  He explained that, “My dad showed me it. Because he really loved the first one. And I really loved it, too. And my favorite character was Dash probably.”

Huck has a voice and energy extremely close to Spencer Fox’s Dash.  Huck also caused his mom trouble just like Dash did.  He had a habit his mom wanted him to stop. Huck said, “And when I got the audition, I just was watching the movie over and over again and when my mom got sick of watching it, I used the audition as an excuse to watch it again.”


The Incredibles 2 had its big Hollywood premiere the day before the press conference.  When asked about the experience Huck said, “It was amazing and overwhelming. Because like in the beginning when I got out of the car, everyone was like sign this, sign this. And I’m not used to that. And then when I got inside, I felt more welcome and I felt, it was just really amazing to be there.”


Huck does an incredible job in The Incredibles 2.  Like most great performances, attention isn’t drawn to the acting.  Most of the audience will not even think about it.  Dash’s interactions with the rest of the family go from hilarious to heartwarming. His complaints at the dinner table and arguing with his sister will be familiar to many.

Dash’s reluctance to let his father help him with homework, instead of his more dependable mother, will also ring true.

Huck’s young liveliness also comes across in Dash’s troublesome moments.  He is bursting with energy and wants to do everything, including pressing buttons he shouldn’t.  All the cast members make The Incredibles 2 a great film with both action and heart.  Another Pixar classic is born.