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Star Wars Rumor Has Lando Calrissian Returning In Episode IX

As Star Wars fans one of the multitude of things we look forward to with each movie are the easter eggs and cameos.  Its always fun to nudge your friend, saying did you catch that!?  Cameos are very easy in Star Wars.  Two of the most notable and well hidden cameos were those of Simon Pegg and Daniel Craig.  They were both right in front of our noses and we didn’t even see them, mainly due to prosthetics and armor.  Then there are those cameos we look for by face recognition.  The largest of these usually being Warrick Davis.

Fans and actors alike cry out for these cameos.  Some times they happen. Sometimes they don’t.  Well, a long awaited cameo may finally be coming to fruition.  Fantha Tracks is reporting, through multiple sources,  that everyone’s favorite card player, gambler and scoundrel may finally be returning to the big screen in his true form of none other than Billy Dee Williams himself.

As soon as we knew this newest trilogy would bring back all of our beloved core cast from the original trilogy, the one name that has been noticeably left out has been Billy Dee Williams.  Lando is as much a part of the core cast as Chewie and the droids.  The problem is he has yet to return to the big screen.  Lando has shown up in Rebels, voiced by Williams, and was magnificently reprised in Solo by Donald Glover.


As much as everyone wants Billy Dee back on the big screen, bringing his suave, debonair charm to the roll he made famous, one could ask is this the right time and placement?  Bringing in characters for fan service can often take away from the movie.  They need to fit the story.

The biggest downside to Lando’s return now is that the core cast is gone.  Han, Luke and Leia are all dead at this point if they stick to the flash forward opening like they should.  That will take a lot out of the roll.  Harrison Ford and Williams played off each other so well.  It will go down in the fans grumble book right next to never seeing the main three reunite.

Story wise perhaps he may yet fit into the movie.  We have to assume at this point they are going to flash forward roughly five or so years from The Last Jedi to help account for Leia’s death and to give some development room for the Resistance.  Let’s face it the Resistance is all but wiped out by the end of The Last Jedi.  It starting from a worse point that the first Rebellion.

The one thing the Resistance desperately needs are resources and connections.  Enter everyone’s favorite gambler.  If there’s a sympathetic ear in the galaxy that can help hook the Resistance up, it would be Lando.  Add in a few smuggler friends and you may have the reboot that’s needed.  Otherwise, let’s face it, we need more movies to tell the story.

We all want Billy Dee Williams back, but the question is can JJ Abrams do it correctly and make it more than just fan service?  I guess in 18 months we find out.

By Ben Wolf

Long time fantasy/sci-fi lover who loves to write in his spare time. Avid movie lover and game player.

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