We all know there are more Star Wars movies to come.  When Kathleen Kennedy and Disney took over the Star Wars franchise we knew Star Wars was back for good.  They announced a full slate of movies for the next several years.  However, after they announced all these movies there were several shake ups with most the directors that has since slid the franchise into a dark place.  Since then Disney has become very tight lipped and secretive with their forth coming slate.

Tom Kane, the back up voice for Yoda, seemed to hint at a recent Comicon that there could be as many as 9 movies in various sorts of production.  Nine movies seems like a lot but in reality this number means very little.  Movies like Thundercats, He-Man and until recently the Dark Crystal sequels have long been rumored to be in production.  Still we wait.  In Hollywood early production can mean a great many things.  Person A is talking to a studio about a movie.  A movie studio is playing with a script to an idea.  A director is ramping up to make a movie, but the director can fall through.  How many has The Crow gone through now?

Let’s be positive Star Wars fans though, for is there any type?  Nine movies can seem like a lot and I have little doubt there are at least nine ideas in various stages of talk and production.  I think we can actually pin down many of these from just what has been floating around Hollywood and fan sites.  Lets start with the most notable.

Episode 9 is ramping up and is closing in on production start.  Given JJ’s excessively tight fisted approach to Force Awakens, I hold little hope we will hear much on production and story until the first trailer.  Movies:1