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There Could Be As Many As Nine STAR WARS Movies In The Works

Next we have Game of Thrones writers DB Wiess and David Benioff are writing and producing in the Star Wars world.  These will need directors most likely, but getting two big names like this into preproduction is pretty much a lock to keep it going.  Here is the interesting thing with these movies though.  They were announced the same time as Johnson’s movies.  Johnson was stated as doing a trilogy.  Weiss and Benioff were announced as doing a “series of movies.”  One would have to think this means possibly four or more.  Again we know nothing about where or when in the Star Wars universe this will take pace, but I’d say given their track record, this is the odds on favorite for what fans have been dying for since the franchise rebirth – The Old Republic.  Whether this would mean Revan, Exar Kun or something entirely new we will have to wait and see.  Movies: 8+

By Ben Wolf

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