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There Could Be As Many As Nine STAR WARS Movies In The Works

Then you have the Star Wars Stories.  These will be more stand alones like Solo.  While Solo did not do well at the box office, I think most of the reasons were external and not the fault of the movie itself.  Given the ending, How do you not go after a Syndicate War with the Hutts vs…..HIM.  Qi’Ra and Solo would be the pawns in the middle plus the ability to bring in a whole slew of our favorite bounty hunters and gangsters along with tons of new ones.  Howard could direct again or find a mob-style director to do it.  Movies: 9+

Lastly we have the two biggest names being thrown about in Kenobi and Boba Fett.  So help me if they do not get this Kenobi film moving at lightspeed NOW I and many other fans are going to be as pissed as Jabba losing a spice shipment.  This has been talked about ever since Kenobi shocked Execs by winning the first ever March character bracket.  Ewan has said he is more than all in for it.  He is the greatest thing to come out of the prequels, so why would you not use him?!  Yet there is ZERO word or leaks that shows this is anywhere near starting.  Movies:10+

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