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There Could Be As Many As Nine STAR WARS Movies In The Works

Finally Boba Fett.  Fett is a name that is also thrown around a great deal.  This may be the next story film we actually get as rumors are swirling that James Mangold is in talks to direct.  As a lover of Logan, I would be all for this.  Movies:11+

Here alone are 11+ movies that could be in various stages of preproduction, so when we hear the number nine, it really isn’t that big of a number.  In fact id be willing to bet there are  a couple more ideas they are floating we could never even guess in our wildest force visions.  Whatever the actual number, fans deserve some announcements soon.  Disney has been far too quiet with the future of the franchise.  The Star Wars universe could use some good news.

By Ben Wolf

Long time fantasy/sci-fi lover who loves to write in his spare time. Avid movie lover and game player.

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