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Disney Halts All STAR WARS Stand Alone Films!

Breaking news from Collider is reporting production on all “A Star Wars Story” movies are being halted.  Steve “Frosty” Weintraub is reporting from multiple sources that all production on these movies are coming to a screeching halt.  This affects movies such as the Kenobi movie, which sounds like was in preproduction and the next one up, as well as the Boba Fett movie and others.  These movies now sit on the back burners until further notice.  Frosty stated that production will now focus on the forth coming trilogy.  When asked about what was meant by “next trilogy” Frosty said, “What I’m hearing is its the Rian Johnson trilogy.”  Frosty could not confirm this for 100% certain though.  Frosty went on to talk about how fluid the production process is and next week someone or something could happen to completely reverse this statement.

This is a BAD move.  It is 100% reactionary and starts a path that the DCEU has been tripping down for years now.  Every time a film disappoints they are going to fire people, hire people, and change their direction causing total chaos and lack of direction.  There were a dozen things wrong with Solo, but movie quality is near the bottom of the list.  Poor release date, poor marketing, to close to other movies, etc. sank Solo more than movie quality.  Now I fear Disney is going to start making all these changes as a reaction, derailing the franchise completely.

While Weintraub could not confirm the next movie up in the Story line, its widely believed that it actually would have been the long awaited Kenobi movie!  Kenobi has been in demand for years now.  It has the right actor ready to jump back into the role.  With the right director and script Kenobi could have been the film that brought the star wars fan base back together. The Kenobi film may have been the film Star Wars, and Disney, needed.

Assuming Rian Johnson’s trilogy is next, I fear what this could bring to the fan community.  I loved The Last Jedi and thought it was a great film.  It may not have been a good fit to the trilogy, but it was a great film.  I blame it’s lack of fit in the trilogy more on not having an overseeing story supervisor to help set and pace the trilogy.  Never the less, The Last Jedi brought a schism to the community that I am not sure can ever be healed.

I have total confidence that Rian, in his own trilogy, is going to deliver a masterpiece.  He wont be trapped by the ideas of what Skywalker should and should not be.  The problem?  Haters are gonna hate.  I see too many haters  trying to sink the franchise because The Last Jedi was not what they wanted.  They will be spouting “Rian frakked up The Last Jedi and now he is doing these stupid movies. Boycott them all!”  months before the first image is even released.

Overall the new movies have done what they have needed to do and have largely hit the mark.  I pray this is not the first step in a large number of redirections coming from Disney concerning the Star Wars universe.  Some marks may have been missed, but when marks are so high, its easier to do worse than it is to do better.

By Ben Wolf

Long time fantasy/sci-fi lover who loves to write in his spare time. Avid movie lover and game player.

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