STAR WARS Ships of the Rebellion: The Corellian Holy Trinity


If one wanted a quality vessel manufactured outside of the Imperial Navy, there was only one place to turn, Corellia, and one company in particular, to which one could go: the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Though it likely wasn’t a direct ally of the Rebel Alliance, there is no question that the Corellian Engineering Corporation played a pivotal role in the Empire’s ultimate downfall. Its contribution to the cause may have seemed small, if even unintended, but the company’s mark was made upon the Rebellion with just three ships, each of which has become a character in its own, and combined now represent three of the most iconic ships in all of Star Wars.

Here they are in ascending order of importance to the Rebellion:

The Ghost (Corellian VCX-100 Light Freighter)

The Ghost roared onto the scene in Season 1 of Rebels, with Hera Syndulla at the helm. From rescue and relief missions, to the liberation of Lothal, to ultimately participating in the Battle of Scarif and beyond, the Ghost more than showed its mettle.

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