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Top 5 STAR WARS Character Journey’s

#3: Darth Maul

If we were to back time up to before 2015 Darth Maul would be nowhere near being on this list. He was a quickly used, thrown away character from The Phantom Menace. Sure he was in comics and books, but it was the trademark hunter/killer Sith type. There was no depth to him.

Along comes Clone Wars and we see his resurrection at the hands of Dave Filoni. At first he is crazed and lost to madness (getting cut in half can do that I hear). He returns to his Sith power hungry ways by dabbling in the criminal underworld and politics. Cut short by a power protective Sidious, we lose track of Maul for awhile. Then comes Rebels. The Maul we catch up to in Rebels is a slightly different Maul. I wouldn’t classify him as evil so much as selfish. He is looking for answers at this point – and Kenobi. His actions are evil more due to that’s all he knows. He is looking for answers and in his final confrontation, finds them.

By Ben Wolf

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