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Top 5 STAR WARS Character Journey’s

#1: Asohka Tano

In my opinion I would personally put Asajj as #1, but how do you ignore the greatest transformation in all of Star Wars! When Snips first pops onto the scene during the birth of the Clone Wars series, she was quickly the most hated character in all of Star Wars, passing even Jar Jar. She was HATED! What was to follow was unforeseen and totally unpredictable. As the series went along, Snips becomes Ahsoka and begins to lead missions on her own. Not only does the character begin to evolve, but so do our feelings towards her.

Its announced that Clone Wars will be coming to an end. We know Ahsoka can’t hang around or she would be too big a presence to not have been in Revenge of the Sith. Most of us are expecting her to be killed off. Her final story arc becomes one of the best told story arcs in all of Star Wars. She is framed for a crime she did not commit and betrayed by those that should have believed in her. Ahsoka isn’t killed, instead she walks away from everything she’s ever known to find answers to questions she’s never had to ask before.

We know with her out there, there HAS to be a show down between her and Vader. Surface FULCRUM! When her character resurfaces in Rebels, fans rejoiced not only at the new look and design, but also at her new skills and personality. She has a great story through out Rebels and we get the confrontation with Vader we were all waiting for. One Problem. We have an ending that is dubious and a show producer that’s now sporting the biggest dumb ass “i know something you don’t know” grin in history. Sure enough her arc is not only unfinished but continues into the unknown in search of Ezra.

No other character is Star Wars history has gone from such hate to such a beloved status. Asohka’s journey is truly one of the greatest character journeys in all of Star Wars. Agree? Disagree? Who would you put on the list? Leave a message in the comments below.

By Ben Wolf

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