With San Diego Comic Con in less than a month, Bandai has announced their 3 SDCC Power Ranger Exclusives. Their slate is starting off with the Zeo Gold Ranger Edition Legacy Morpher. The morpher will be sporting brand-new sounds for the Gold Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. You can check out the product description below:

“Created by Zordon of Eltar, the Zeonizers utilized the power of the legendary Zeo Crystals to connect to the Morphin Grid and morph five heroes into the Power Rangers Zeo. These wrist-mounted devices use an interlocking feature that also helped to pilot the Zeo Zords. The Limited Edition Power Rangers Zeo Zeonizer Legacy Zeonizer, Zeo Gold Ranger Edition is a toy original Zeonizer. Featuring quotes straight from Jason Lee Scott, premium die-cast parts, motion activated sound effects and show accurate lights & sounds for all six Zeo Rangers – the Legacy Zeonizer, Zeo Gold Ranger Edition is perfect for display or cosplay. Go Go Power Rangers!”

The other 2 exclusives are the Green and Silver Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures. Now, these figures are going to be repaints of the molds there were used to make the Red, Blue, and Black Psycho figures that are releasing later this year. And you can read the product description below:

“The Power Rangers In Space Psycho Green Ranger and Psycho Silver Ranger come to life in a collectible 6.5 inch figure. Highly detailed with show accurate styling, premium decoration, multiple points of articulation, and a muscular, heroic design, this is the perfect figure for play or display! Figures come in premium collectible packaging. Great for adult collectors and kids alike.”

The prices for these items have not been announced yet, but they could range in the $100 area.

Source: Power Rangers NOW