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Top 10 “Better As Star Wars” Stories


Honestly of all these great ideas, this one is truly my favorite.  The emotions you could stir with this story would be heart breaking.  A literary classic already, this is the story of two wandering farm hands.  George could do so many things with his life, but his sole job is to protect Lennie, a giant of a man that is mentally limited.  Lennie doesn’t know his own strength.  He loves to pet soft things and often times loves them too much and too hard, killing them.  This is where Bugs Bunny and the Abominable snowman cartoon come from.  Problems ensue through out the book and of course Lennie has an accident that proves fatal for someone.  Lets just say the ending is right up there with Old Yeller.  Now what if Lennie was a force user of great strength, but he doesn’t know how to control it?  This story I think done right would be one of the greatest stories ever told.  Like Old Yeller, could Disney do the hard ending needed in today’s world?

By Ben Wolf

Long time fantasy/sci-fi lover who loves to write in his spare time. Avid movie lover and game player.

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