STAR WARS: You Now Can Own A STAR WARS Flamethrower!


We all know Mel Brooks is the undisputed king of cynicism, sarcasm and satire. It seems we now have to add the title of prophet to his résumé.In his classic, 1987 Star Wars send-up Spaceballs, Brooks poked fun not just at the franchise but also at the rampant commercialism associated with it. In the film, he mocks the way in which a film studio will emblazon a movie’s logo, characters’ faces, and anything else associated with the film or franchise on everything it could get its proverbial hands on, including lunch boxes, dolls, and, of course, flamethrowers. (The kiddies love this one!)


Fast forward three decades and yes, you too for the low, low price of $500, can own a genuine, authentic, Star Wars flametrooper flamethrower. Okay, fine, it’s not an *officially* marketed Star Wars product, but Elon Musk’s Boring Company did actually manufacture, and sell to the general public, the “not-a-flamethrower” (so-named due to legal constraints) pictured below.

Star Wars: The Flamethrower

Now, where have I seen something similar before? Let me think…. Let me think….

Image: Hot Toys

Bears a striking resemblance, doesn’t it?

NOTE TO COSPLAYERS – Please, please, please do not don flametrooper armor and bring a not-a-flamethrower to Comic-Con. (Sadly, yes, I probably do have to make that plea.)

I haven’t seen any official comment from Mel Brooks on this comically ironic turn of events, yet. But…. Boy, would I love to hear what he has to say.

I suppose this all proves Brooks’s point regarding the ridiculousness of movie marketing, to some extent. Intended or not, you can’t tell me that there isn’t someone out there somewhere cosplaying as a New Order flametrooper with an actual flame thrower that just happens to match the uniform.

Perhaps there is some sense in all this marketing madness, however. For all the marketing missteps Disney and Lucasfilm made with Solo: A Story Wars Story, at least this happened:

Now go drink and flame-throw responsibly. Just not at the same time.

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