I think one of the biggest issues with Disney buying Star Wars and Marvel has been the fact Disney is trying to start their own conventions for their respective properties.  This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t hurting one of the largest and most well known comic conventions in the country – San Diego Comicon.  Every year this was the one nerd source that nerds everywhere waited for impatiently.  SDCC always had the biggest trailers, leaks and news announcements of the year.  Last year felt less as Marvel and Star Wars both had a minimal presence.

Well Dave Filoni has tweeted that in honor of the 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars tv series, He and select guests, assuming Clone Wars actors, will be at SDCC.  It will feel good to have Star Wars back at the convention.  Along with the unique Thrawn cover Star Wars will have at least some representation again.

The first season or two of the Clone Wars started a bit rough.  The animation was not smooth at all.  We had to adapt to the new look and voices of the characters.  Most of all we had to stomach the atrocity that was Snips.  AS the years went on, the animation improved, the stories improved, and Snips turned into Ahsoka as we all grew fonder of her.  By the end of the series, they were telling amazing stories, developing great characters and truly expanding the force.  Enter Disney and exit Clone Wars.  It was sad to see it leave, especially when we later found out what part of season 6 would have entailed.

Behind all of the was George Lucas.  He was feeding ideas, stories and correcting ideas as they went.  At the master’s feet, learning the ways of the force was none other than Dave Filoni.  Dave directed and created the series with the guidance of George in the background.  This was proof of George’s brilliance when he let others flush it out.  Dave would go on to lead the Rebels creative team and is leading the forth coming Resistance cartoon series.

It will be great to hear Dave and his stories as well as the stories of the actors as they went through the series.  It will be a good bet Ashley Eckstein will be there to tell her Ahsoka story.

This is also Dave “the Cheshire” Filoni we are talking about.  While I have no doubt the Con will focus on The Clone Wars, Dave will be undoubtedly ready to explode with information on the Resistance series just like he was with the Ahsoka dead/alive information.  Just perhaps we will be getting some sort of glimpse at the new series.