It shouldn’t shock anyone that the Star Wars Rebels took home the well-deserved prize of Best Animated Series for Television at the 44th Saturn Awards this week.  

For those unfamiliar, the Saturn Awards are the prizes handed out for film and television by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. In a surprising turn of events, however, it was none other than The Last Jedi to capture the Saturn Award for Best Screenplay.

That’s an award for writing, to state the obvious.

Yes folks, the film some hail as having one of the worst scripts of the entire franchise (and that’s hard to do considering Episode III brought us the epic line “hold me like you held me on Naboo”) took home the prize for best writing.

One can’t help but wonder if this award was given as some kind of joke to the industry, that Ashton Kutcher brought back Punk’d and this was the inaugural reboot.

Considering other films nominated in the category included LoganThe Shape of Water, and Blade Runner 2049 , the fact that The Last Jedi won has left a great many scratching their heads.

Keep in mind, this is a film the basic plot of which was the slowest high-speed chase in cinematic history, and one so scientifically inaccurate that anyone with even a cursory memory of high school physics would call it ridiculous. Blade Runner gave us an existential examination of artificial intelligence and morality; TLJ gave us an inexplicably shirtless Adam Driver, alien teats, and green milk.

If there is any saving grace to the awards ceremony, it is that Mark Hamill took home the award for Best Actor in a Film, and deservedly so. Hamill was required to act so far out of the Luke Skywalker character that had been built up for decades in prior films and other works that this version of Skywalker was nearly unrecognizable. It takes a great actor to work with that material and make it believable, indeed. But…

If The Last Jedi won for Best Screenplay? Perhaps it’s time for the Saturn Awards to die.