Star Wars Rebels’ 4th and final season is getting released on to Blu-Ray and DVD on July 31st. The final 15 action-packed episodes with the Ghost Crew will also include lots of behind the scenes extras.

Included in the bonus features is Executive Producer Dave Filoni sharing his wisdom on 6 audio commentaries. You will also be able to go inside the show as the creators of the series explore what brought Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper to the end of their journey in the “Ghosts of Legend” extra.

You will also be able to learn the secrets of the force as Dave Filoni shares insight into the power that binds the galaxy together in both Rebels and the Star Wars Saga as well in the “Forces Of Rebellion” special.

And if you’re a fan of the show’s score, then the DVD will be including a behind the scenes feature “Kevin Kiner: The Rebel Symphony.” And fans will also get to discover what inspired the show’s most enduring musical scenes.

And with both the DVD and Blu-Ray sets releasing the same, both will be including the final season Of Rebels Recon, which is’s Rebels recap show that dives deep into both the themes and the making of the series. And they also uncover some special Easter eggs.

So for you Rebels fans, it looks like all the paths are coming together.

Source: Star Wars