STAR WARS: Other Film Options for this Expanded Universe Character?


Warning: Article contains minor spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX.




Casting for Star Wars: Episode IX has ignited a firestorm of speculation, leaving many to question whether or not talented actress Keri Russell will portray Expanded Universe legendary character Mara Jade. Regardless of whether or not Mara Jade will leap back into cannon with the next Star Wars installment, Russell certainly appears to fit the part. But how does she stack up against other actresses that could have been considered for the part? See for yourself, and let us know who you think should play Mara Jade, if and when the character finally makes it to film.

Keri Russell

Photo: John Angelillo/UPI

By the casting news alone, Russell is the clear frontrunner. Having previously worked with J.J. Abrams on Felicity and as Agent Lindsey Farris in Abrams’s Mission: Impossible III, She seems to have the acting chops and physical skills necessary to fill the demanding role.

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