Less than 2 days after images of the helmetless MMPR Ranger Funkos and the Goldar, Zedd, and Rita Funkos were released, we have even more Funkos getting released.

To break these new ones down, almost all of them will be exclusive to a store, but they are all pretty amazing. Starting off with, Books-A-Million will be selling an exclusive 2 pack with Zedd and Rita.

As for Target, they got 2 exclusives getting released. Zedd and Goldar are getting added to the Hero World line. And they will also be getting a 10 inch Ultra Dinozord.

Now we already know that PMC is getting an exclusive black and gold Megazord Funko. And Hot Topic will be getting an exclusive Tigerzord, and it going to be a 6 inch super sized POP. And we also know from the original news released, Entertainment Earth is getting an exclusive 6 inch super sized glow in the dark Megazord.

As for the villains, Pudgy Pig and the Pumpkin Rapper are going to be Gamestop exclusives.

Out of the new ones that have been announced, I really love the Pudgy Pig POP. He is a villain that has been turned into anything. And it’s cool to see him finally get recognized. But it still bugs me that the POPs are just going to be MMPR.

Sources: Tokunation, Power Rangers NOW