So, with the recent surge of video game movies- Pixels, Tomb Raider, and even the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie- there’s no telling what video game could be next to get turned into a movie. But one video game that could eventually get turned into a movie is Injustice.

Injustice was created by Warner Brothers Games, DC Comics, and Nether Realm Studios. This game has the largest roster of DC characters in it, 37 to be exact. And if this game were to be turned into a movie, that amount of characters that would have to be cast is insane.

As far as characters, certain ones like Starfire, Supergirl, Black Canary, and even Firestorm have yet to be in a DCEU film. We’re already getting Starfire in the upcoming Titans TV show for DC Universe. And currently, Black Canary and Firestorm are on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and Supergirl has her own show, so they could make their big screen debut with an Injustice movie.

And I really would love to see a Harley Quinn-Wonder Woman fight in this film. These are 2 badass female comic book characters, and it would be really cool to have them meet and have an epic fight scene. Also, it would be cool if Supergirl and Starfire got to fight Harley as well. I also feel like a Cheetah-Wonder Woman fight would be pretty amazing as well. And I know we’re already getting that fight in Wonder Woman 2, but in an Injustice film, anything is possible.

So, all in all, while this might not be the biggest priority for DC currently, I do feel like we’ll eventually get an Injustice movie. I do hope thought DC will make this film eventually, and hopefully, it will satisfy both DC comics fans and video game fans.