With all of the blockbusters that have come and gone since Dember 2017, it feels like a lifetime since we were first sitting down for [i]Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi[/i]. Even though the most recent episode may have received mixed reactions from the fanbase – and is still being hotly debated months later – it’s only a matter of time before the fervor for Episode IX kicks into high gear.

For now, things are only beginning to percolate, but that isn’t stopping Mark Hamill from counting down the days until Episode IX is in theaters. Using a screenshot from How Many Days Until Star Wars.com, Hamill shared the fact that there were only 532 (now 529) days left until the next Star Wars film will be opening. Accompanying the screenshot was the hashtag #9WillBeFineInAllGoodTime, which may (or may not) help assuage uncertain fans.

Hamill was famously critical of [i]The Last Jedi[/i] and many of the decisions made for the film, most especially those made for his character, Luke Skywalker. Although he later shared regret for being as vocal as he was, his criticism for the film remains rather poignant as the fanbase continues to remain relatively soured on the latest episode. With that being said, there are still over 500 days left until the movie is in theaters, which means there is still time to hold out hope that the sequel trilogy will end on a higher note.