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#7:  Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson – I do not know if there is a truly must read book on this list more important than Phasma.  This is largely do to the lack of screen time Phasma received on the big screen.  I think most everyone was disappointed by the hype and the marketing behind Captain Phasma.  She looked like the new badass of the new trilogy, but the little she was onscreen, she was disappointing and weak.  Reading this book will give you a better depth and understanding to why Phasma was so quick to obey Finn and Han in Force Awakens.  She is self serving. Period.  She cares about herself and that is all.  Not to mention this book adds some real depth to why she is always seen wearing a mask.  OH! And one other quick mention.  There is a VERY prominent character in this book that may indeed be surfacing in the new Resistance cartoon.  Let us just say red is a very important color!