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#3: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden – Christie Golden is a long time fantasy writer and knows her way around large universes as she has written many Warcraft books.  This book was actually a story lifted from the pages of the Clone Wars Season 6/7.  I truly wish this had made it to the screen, but at least we got the story in the form of this amazing book!  Truly this is one of my favorite books so far.  The Jedi council takes a brutal step to end the war, assassinate Count Dooku.  They know it will take specific skill sets to not only find and get close to Dooku, but to actually assassinate him.  They choose the brash and often times rogue Jedi, Quinlan Vos to partner with Asajj Ventress to accomplish this mission.  I could not put this story down!  The journey Quinlan and Asajj go on, both across the galaxy and within them selves, is what seals Asajj as the greatest character in all of Star Wars.  Christie delivers an amazing tale.