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#2: TBD –  Wait… can #2 have the status of to be determined?  Well that’s because it isn’t out – yet.  I am taking a bold, yet well informed risk, and saying Thrawn: Alliances, which releases in a few weeks, will be that good!  First off, betting on Timothy Zahn to write a fabulous book is a given.  It is Thrawn!  Again a given that the book will be great.  Now, however, you are adding in not only Darth Vader, but the tale of Thrawn when he was with Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars.  Since we now have a poster of her, you also have to assume Padme will be present as well.  According to the synopsis, Thrawn and Vader hate each other and are trying to outdo the other for the Emperor’s attention, yet we know that Thrawn greatly respected Anakin from the little time they were together previously.  What happened before?  Will Thrawn figure out Vader’s previous identity?  What will that do to Vader and Thrawn today?  Can’t wait to find out!