Star Wars Casting News: Needed ‘Stern-faced individuals”


With JJ Abrams due to start filming of episode 9 shortly, the curtain of secrecy has been pulled tight.  That leaves us on the outside jumping at any small nuggets we can get.

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An interesting report from The Making Star Wars podcast says the search is on for ‘stern-faced individuals’ to be extras for a shoot that will last most of August.  It is being reported a scene involving Oscar Isaacs and John Boyega are involved in this scene and that it could be placed ‘in a bar’.

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Of all the casting reports, it’s interesting that what is required is a ‘stern look’.  The fact this is also possibly in a bar with Finn and Poe might mean there are some fireworks about to be set off.  Are Finn and Poe hunting for help and supplies in a seedy establishment?  Are Finn and Poe getting in a fight over who gets Rey?  Given the endless fan theories, there could be a fatal four-way between Rey, Rose, Finn, and Poe.  Who knows.

Whatever happens in this scene, it is being described as a major scene between Finn and Poe, so we will just have to see if we can pick, and the ‘stern-looking individuals’ when episode 9 comes out in December of 2019.

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