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SDCC 2018: Celebrating With D23’s 90 Years Of Mickey Mouse Panel

This year is Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday and D23 celebrated with a 90 Years Of Mickey Mouse panel at SDCC. And they talked about the history of Mickey Mouse, but they also showed some interesting items from over the past 90 years. 

Starting off with Mickey Mouse “Undies.” Now I don’t know about you guys, but in the current day, if your undies have a Mickey Mouse design on them, then they are pretty cool. But these old-school ones were knitted, which in present day, wouldn’t be such a good idea to own. 

Next up is Mickey Mouse diapers. Currently, there are several brands of diapers with some awesome Mickey Mouse prints on them. But I can only imagine that diapers back in the day were not that great. 

Now onto costumes and masks. So in current days, Mickey Mouse costumes and masks look way different. The costumes back then look so different, and the masks were just Mickey’s face with a piece of elastic to keep it on your face. 

And there was also a Mickey Mouse pocket knife. The thought of a Mickey Mouse pocket knife isn’t that bad actually. 

(And thanks to fellow THS writer Sarah Carey for the pictures from the panel.)

By Kat Bloodgood

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