Announced at the Cloak And Dagger panel at SDCC: Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is returning for Season 2 Spring 2019! The announcement came in the form of a quick 12-second trailer that said “Season 2 Will Be Mayhem”

Along with that announcement, they showed a 2-minute video for the fans so they can see what is in store for the last two episodes of season 1. And the Stark family is referenced in this, which could mean the series is connected to the Avengers in some way.

Now Marvel artists Mike McKone and Jesus Aburtov designed the season 2 announcement poster, and it has the same rip on it that the announcement trailer had. And you can check out the poster below.

Now, this mysterious marking can mean anything, but it could mean that another character from the comic book is getting introduced into the series. But with the new season launching in 2019, we will see what happens with Tandy and Tyrone as they continue to protect New Orleans from evil. And you can stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more SDCC 2018 coverage.