In addition the arrival of Black Series Force FX Phantom Menace lightsabers in 2019, we learned that The Black Series will feature Rebels stand-outs Ezra and Chopper, with sneak peaks at the temperamental astromech:


and would-be Jedi:


Making a play for most-desired collectibles at the Con, The Black Series will in 2019 be bringing back characters from the archive (as The Black Series Black Line), such as Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Luke Skywalker (X-wing variant) and more.

Collectibles - Back Series

And these only scratch the surface of the collectibles available. If you want the Con-exclusives, though, you’d better act fast; the convention only runs through Sunday.

(Written in collaboration with Junior Felix, That Hashtag Show’s man on the scene on the SDCC floor.)