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STAR WARS: Who Will be the Next Star Wars Director?

Like it or not, Rian Johnson is a Star Wars director and The Last Jedi has made its mark on the Star Wars franchise. Although Johnson will return to the galaxy far, far away with a new trilogy likely beginning in 2020, for many, his directorial vision left much to be desired.

With a couple of big-name directors already out of the running (Steven Spielberg stating long ago he’d never make a Star Wars film, and most recently Christopher McQuarrie indicated that he’s cured of wanting to direct a franchise feature), who would, or could, direct Star Wars to the fans’ satisfaction?

Here are a few suggestions.

By JJ Goodman

Lawyer by trade, writer by passion. Author of 'The Deep Space Chronicles' series available at, a rambling blog at, and musings on all things 'Star Wars' here at That Hashtag Show.

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