5 Reasons a Solo Sequel Should Be Done


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#2 “You’ve gotta lotta guts coming here, after what you pulled.”

At the end of Solo, Lando streaks off in a huff with the Falcon, leaving Han and Beckett stranded in front of Enfys Nest.  We see at the very end the Sabacc game where Han would win the Falcon.  When Han walks into the room Lando is all smiles and the game seems to be generally good natured.  Lando looks shocked when he cant pull his cheat card, but there never feels like there is any animus.  When we see Lando in Empire, he looks PISSED!  Han is even hesitant on the approach.  “I’m sure he’s forgotten about that by now,” earning a nasty look from Leia.  It doesn’t feel like we have really had that moment yet.  There needs to be a bigger perceived double cross for those emotions from Empire.

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