5 Reasons a Solo Sequel Should Be Done


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#4 The Syndicate War

Darth Maul.  Of the two stand alone films, they both have the single greatest scenes in all of Star Wars.  One is the Vader massacre.  The second the return of Darth Maul.  We have Maul running a crime syndicate, joined by Qi’ra.  What we know from Rebels is that Maul no longer has that crime syndicate.  What better war to have than Crimson Sun vs the Hutts with Qi’ra and Solo stuck in the middle.  It could draw in every major bounty hunter we know along with every smuggler and underworld character we could dream of (Hondo Ohnaka anyone?).  It could launch some new faces as well.  We have heard rumors of a Fett movie, an underworld crime movie….this would satisfy all of those!

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