With PMC coming up in just a few weeks, the official con shirts and hoodies have been revealed.

Each shirt and hoodie is representing a different Power Rangers design on it, which is exclusive to the con, and the con logo is on the shirts and hoodies as well. The regular convention shirt has the MMPR Red and Green Rangers on it, along with the Red Ranger from Beast Morphers.

For con attendees who got the gold and platinum badges, you will be getting an extra shirt this year. And the design for it has a Japanese-inspired Zyuranger design on it, with the main 5 MMPR Rangers on it and the Megazord on it as well.

As for the hoodies, the main con hoodie has the helmets of the Red, Bule, and Yellow Rangers from Beast Morphers on it.

As for the platinum badge holders, they will be getting a hoodie with Drakkon’s power coin on the front of it.

Source: Power Rangers NOW