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With the recent casting announcement, We have been delighted to hear our Princess will indeed return for Episode 9.  Rumors and speculation have been running wild ever since.  With it announced that old footage would be used, thoughts are of a scene, maybe two, where they can cobble together a way for our Princess to either have her last goodbye, or to fly off into the galaxy one final time.

Recent word though hints at a slightly larger role for our Princess.  ABC News’ Clayton Sandell talked with Todd Fisher, Carrie’s brother.  Here is what Clayton has to report:

“He (Todd Fisher) said there were big surprises coming – big surprises with this movie, this performance, and the unused footage – and said – this one is really for the fans.” “But they apparently have a number of unused minutes from both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.” “Todd and the whole family are very excited and wanted it to happen.”

Once again it is great to see Lucasfilm and the Fisher family in lock step moving forward.  JJ had this to say back when her presence in episode 9 was announced:

“Finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker Saga without her eluded us.”

Apparently JJ found enough footage between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to piece together larger scenes for Carrie.  I think it would be unwise to think her role is going to be a large part of the movie, but it doesn’t have to be.  Darth Vader was only in A New Hope for 12 minutes.  Look at the impact that had.  A few minutes in a movie can play a large role in its story.

What Will Need to be Changed?

The thing to really think about is how much digital editing will need to be done.  JJ is using scenes from the previous movies, but does that mean he then has to use the same locations in Episode 9?  Not likely and dare I say hardly possible given where the story is at.  The images may need to be composed over wherever the current setting is taking place.

Also, One of Leia’s signature trademarks over the years has been her wardrobe.  In the little she has appeared in the last two films, she has a minimum of three outfits.  Will these work in the continuity or will they have to digitally overlay a new wardrobe?  JJ has some work and decisions ahead of him, but I have no dou they will make it work or won’t use it.

This was supposed to be Leia’s film just as The Force Awakens belonged to Han and The Last Jedi belonged to Luke.  In whatever role we get her, it will be good to see her one last time.

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