Where once every little deviation from the source material was considered sacrilege by fans, these days comic book movies are more and more willing change things from the comics to better suit the new stories that filmmakers are trying to tell. In the case of Sony’s upcoming Venom, starring Tom Hardy as another character with an indecipherable accent, director Ruben Fleischer and the plethora of writers who worked on the film are making a lot of changes to Spider-Man’s most popular antagonist and the other characters who occupy his world.


In particular, Venom seems to be making big changes to the villains in the movie, a group of baddies known in the comics as The Five Symbiotes. As the name suggests, there are five Symbiotes in the group, but so far we only know of two actually appearing in Venom: Riot (Riz Ahmed) and Scream (Michelle Lee). As for the changes being made to the members of The Five, our friends at ScreenRant have published a detailed breakdown of what exactly has been done to modify them for the big screen.

You can click over to ScreenRant for the in-depth breakdown, but basically what it boils down to is that, rather than being “seeds” taken from the Venom Symbiote, The Five are now no longer Venom’s children but their own distinct entities that arrive on Earth at the same time. Their powers have also been changed, so now Riot has scythes of death instead of hammers of death. Whether they’ve all been given identical power-sets or had their unique abilities swapped around is still unclear.


Having no particular opinion about Venom either as a character or a movie, I find whatever changes the filmmakers have made to these characters perfectly inoffensive. As always, it’s better to make the changes necessary to tell the best story on film, rather than have a slavish adaptation to the source material that doesn’t necessarily work in the new medium. Not that the trailers for Venom inspire much confidence that the movie’s actually going to work, but that’s a different issue.

What do you think? Are you cool with the changes being made to The Five Symbiotes? If not, where to find the energy to care about this stuff? Let me know in the comments.