STAR WARS: Top 5 Favorite Starfighters


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Since A New Hope, one of the many iconic sides of Star Wars has been its ships and fighters.  The Millennium Falcon was a such a new and unique ship that its design has been universally recognizable world wide.  Amazing what a hamburger and an olive can do.  The T-65 X-Wing was such a sharp design, it inspired both actual aircraft and Sci-Fi designs for decades after its creation.  Here are my top 5 favorite Starfighters of the Star Wars canon universe.

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#5 – Firespray – 31

Coming in at number five is the Firespray – 31.  Who would have thought a street light fixture could look so cool!  That is right.  Its design was from looking at an overhead street light.  Made famous by Boba Fett and his father Jango before him, this ship is one of the icons of Star Wars.  Like most iconic Star Wars ships, it makes no sense.  Instead of orienting the cockpit with the line of the ship when its landed, the cockpit has to match the position after take off because the orientation of the ship changes from being largely horizontal to vertical.  With a wide array of weapons and solid maneuverability, this ship is both a great fighter as well as memorable.

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