With Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releasing in December, not much has been announced since E3. However today, Nintendo announced that Wednesday morning, they are doing a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Direct to give the fans more information on the game.

From what we found out at E3, the game is bringing back every fighter from the past 10 years. Meaning, 65 fighters are going to be playable in the game, and Ridley is also going to be a playable character in the game. We know what most of the stages for the game are, but we don’t know every single fighter’s final smash or their abilities so hopefully, we will find out more Wednesday morning.

No teasers were given about the livestream, but fans are hoping for a new character to get announced. Rumors have been swirling that Castlevania’s Simon Belmont could be coming to the game. Nintendo did state they aren’t heavily focused on adding new characters, but with the addition of Ridley and the Inklings, anything is possible at this point. And it also shows they aren’t afraid of adding new faces.

With the livestream, I know they will be showing off more characters abilities and final smashes. I am also hoping they show off more of the stages, and maybe even some more info on the 8 player smash.

Source: GameRant