STAR WARS: Rogue One Writer Gary Whitta Offended by Treatment of Rian Johnson


Here we are now more than a half a year removed from the premier of Lucasmfilm’s The Last Jedi, and people are still writing and talking about it. That the divisive film is still a topic of debate isn’t the issue; the issue is the manner in which people are still writing and talking about it, and that’s what has Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Rebels writer Gary Whitta all riled up.

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Speaking recently about his work on the Marvel Comics adaptation of The Last Jedi, Whitta didn’t mince words when asked if the debasing public criticism the film received affected the way in which he was writing the comic. In an interview with Jedi News, Whitta had this to say with respect to the way Star Wars “fans” were treating Rian Johnson:

I think what you mean by that when you say “the fans” is actually “a very noisy minority of fans….” Frankly I’m disgusted by the treatment Rian has received, he’s not just one of the most talented film-makers working today but one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet in any walk of life, and both he and the film he made deserve far better.”

Gary Whitta defends Johnson, but would have made different choices.

Despite Whitta’s defense of Johnson, the writer was still quick to point out that he wouldn’t have made the same choices Johnson made. Whitta admits that he himself would have made a more fan-service driven film, but lauds Johnson’s bravery for not doing likewise.

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In describing his own approach to writing, Gary Whitta seems to have stumbled across the crux of the issue with Johnson’s telling of The Last Jedi: “My approach when writing is to not to worry about what others want to see, and then hope my instincts as a Star Wars fan are on point enough that other fans agree with the choices I made.”

Johnson’s problem: his instincts, for a large portion of the fan base, were way off point. Still, that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the “very noisy minority” who derided the director online and even went so far as to send him death threats.

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Others in the industry, such as rumored Boba Fett director James Mangold, have also proffered their support to Johnson, the common theme being encouragement to continue making bold choices and ignore the derisive few. Gary Whitta certainly is.

You can see his work in the ongoing six-part comic adaptation of The Last Jedi, the last installment of which will hit shelves in September.


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