Klingons going for a new look!…again…

Star Trek has been abuzz with news this week.  First, we have god-tier captain Jean-Luc Picard coming out of retirement for a continuation of his Starfleet career on CBS all access.  On top of that however, Glenn Hetrick dropped this bomb…

panic at the disco? or problem solver?

It’s no secret that the Klingon look got A lot of flak from old school Star Trek fans.  Klingons are the only race in Star Trek that have gotten major visual upgrades over the course of the franchise.  Are audiences ready for a 4th iteration of Klingon and does this mess with the timeline?


The answer is going to be both yes and no…maybe?

The way this is all going to pan out is pretty simple.  The more hardcore Trekkies know that Klingons had a type of sickness/disease that changed their molecular makeup sometime between TOS and TNG (Worf makes a brief explanation about this in a brilliant DS9/TOS crossover episode).  The best way to justify the change in canon is that during the XX year jump the disco, this virus already made its way into the ranks in the Klingon empire, changing the look forever.

This also probably means that the disco is going to be stuck in the future for the rest of the series.  Which makes me wonder what the ramifications are going to be having the disco in a different timeline.  Were they not in prime universe then, are they now?  Will this solve the canon issues they had in season one?  Changing the Klingon looks set off way too much speculation.  It would be somewhat a disservice /cop out to erase most of season one with a time jump, which it seems like they are increasingly looking to do.  Maybe it has something to do with the musical chairs of show runners that have made the BTS a bit of a drama?

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to the Klingon change?  Is season two going to make season 1 irrelevant with the time jump?  Let us know below!

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