Can you believe it hashtaggers? 10 days left and we are STILL getting more guest announcements, guess we need to fill that new convention space to the brim!

Let’s go Chronologically this time

From the Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers  Young Rocky Mike O’Laskey

Wow didn’t he grow up to fit that spandex!

The bright blue Robo-Bird Circut from Power Rangers Timeforce voiced by Brianne Brozey

Seriously got the bonafides out the whazoo on her VO resume!

In his FIRST Morphicon appearance its the Jungle Fury Jokester Dominic played by Nikolai Nikolaeff

He was also a BAMF on Netflix’s Daredevil too!

Both Internet Stars & rangers : The Blue Hyperforce Ranger Eddie Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” Meadows and the sassy Strawburry 17 turned Pink Hyperforce Ranger Chloe, Meghan Camarena

No Hipster Sonic Please!

She is not a Gummy Bear but a Ranger!

With the street cred of being a writers on the original Saban Era and one coming back year later for Dino Charge

OG writer on all of Saban’s Properties

OG writer couldn’t keep away for long!

With the second longest history (behind Chip) behind the scenes of our favorite spandex clad heroes


Power Morphicon is just 10 days away in Anaheim California. Who are you looking forward to meeting? Leave your comments below and as always

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Photos courtesy of PowerMorphicon and Power Rangers Now