Three Reasons Chewbacca is the Most Influential Character in STAR WARS


Sure, there are a lot of important players in the Star Wars universe, any one of which can be considered the most influential character in Star Wars. Darth Vader is believed to have personally ordered the execution of Owen and Beru Lars, setting young Skywalker on his path of destiny. Padme’s enabling of Anakin’s impulsive behavior is a direct cause of his downward spiral towards the Dark Side, and Luke just may have unbalanced the Force. But who else in the galaxy far, far away could make a claim for most influential character of the Star Wars film saga? Here’s my dark horse: Chewbacca.



That’s right. Without the big, walking carpet, several key events in the Star Wars timeline never take place. If those events don’t occur, chances are that Palpatine continues to rule and we’d have no story to tell.


So yes, Chewbacca, the laughing fuzz ball who yells at mouse droids, could be the most influential character in Star Wars. Here are three reasons why.