Okay, Fine: R2-D2 Might Be The Most Influential Character In STAR WARS


We recently pondered the question of which Star Wars character just may have been the most influential in the film saga. I presented some arguments, which I thought were pretty well reasoned, I might add, that none other than the centuries-old wookiee co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon could make a stake on the claim. Well, you fans answered pretty emphatically with your thoughts on the subject. Today we examine your choice for most influential character in Star Wars: R2-D2.


The feisty little astromech has now appeared in every film and television era of the Star Wars saga, including even a brief appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. Over that span he’s been electrocuted (a few times) shot, lost, kidnapped, and even swallowed by a swamp monster. With dedication and perseverance, Artoo’s résumé is nothing if not impressive.