What am I talking about this time: Marvel Comic’s Fantastic Four #1,

“Signal In The Sky”

Written by Dan Slott & Sara Pichelli

Art by Sara Pichelli with Elizabeth D’Amico

“Our Day Of Doom And Victory”

Written by Dan Slott & Simone Bianchi

Art by Simone Bianchi & Marco Russo

“What The Pop?!”

Written by Dan Slott & Skottie Young

Art by Skottie Young & Jeremy Greece

Simone Bianchi & Marco Russo

Cover by Esad Ribic

Overall Review: 4 out of 5 FF members

Is it worth $5.99? Oh Hell No.

Spoiler Free Review (Sorta):

Look, this is a good comic, maybe even a great one. Solid writing and great art make for three wonderful stories. But there is a big fly in the ointment here, this the first real Fantastic Four comic since the series was cancelled after issue 645 in 2015 over movie/SONY problems. Sure, we’ve seen Sue, Johnny, Thing, and Reed bouncing around other specials, crossovers, and comics throughout the years, but this comic was advertised as the return of the Fantastic Four! And well, 1 Early SPOILER, that just doesn’t happen. There is no Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #1. That’s $6 for 44 pages of no full team… I expected at least a nice splash page at the very end or something… but nope. Not even that. Is the comic still great story telling, yes… just not the story we were promised.

Spoilery Review:

First off, the tribute to Steve Ditko in the opening is nothing short of magnificent. Showing one of my fav Spiderman moments and echoing his effect on comic books for… well, forever, really.

In the main story we follow Ben, Johnny, and the world as they express their feelings towards Reed and Sue being dead; Johnny and the rest of the world expectantly wait for their return, while Ben is trying to move on, believing they are truly gone this time. A FF flare goes off and Johnny immediately goes and investigates, only to discover it a fake. Meanwhile, Ben reminisces about a cute story about the FF gang finding their way home by singing.

Topping one sweet moment for another, Ben proposes to Alicia, but the moment is shattered when he asks Johnny to be his best man, and Johnny refuses saying Reed should be. They almost come to blows but Johnny begins to believe that Sue and reed might be gone…BUT JUST THEN… A real FF flare goes off… in space!!! This was one of the best Marvel 2in1 issues ever, too bad it was an FF comic.

The second story completely kills it, the return of Doom to Latveria as he crushes the crappy dictators that have risen in his absence. The symbol Doom has become to his people and the rebels that fight in his name is simply phenomenal, Doom’s return is welcomed and just as terrible (in the good way) as you expect/want. There’s a whole face thing symbolism with Doom’s mask that just works, I might have even fist bumped when he puts the hood and helmet on. Might.

The third story is a not-so-thinly veiled apology for the Fantastic Four not reuniting in the issue. The Impossible Man complains that the FF don’t get together, but is delivered a letter promising that they will in the next issue and that makes him happy, pretty much. Too bad I don’t feel the same.

A quick Play

Somewhere in the bowels of the Marvel Comics Offices:

Dan Slott: Hey Joe, Got a sec?

Joe Quesada: Sure, man- anything for the guy who gave the Great Lakes Avengers their own series!

Dan Slott: Listen, I want to bring back the Fantastic Four…

Joe Quesada: Yes! Finally, it’s about time someone with the gumption…

Dan Slott: But not in the first issue.

Joe Quesada: What?

Dan Slott: Yeah, I want to bring back the Fantastic Four, but not in the first issue.

Joe Quesada: I heard you… I just don’t understand why?

Dan Slott: Oh, I didn’t realize I needed a reason. Hmmmm, ummm, cause, ya know. Stuff.

Joe Quesada: Won’t fans be mad and disappointed if we advertise bringing back the Fantastic Four Comic, but don’t actually bring the Fantastic Four in that comic?

Dan Slott: fans?

Joe Quesada: Ya know, the readers!

Dan Slott: I’m not following you.

Joe Quesada: I think a lot of people will be disappointed when they read this issue.

Dan Slott: What if I made a little cartoon at the end promising to bring them in at the next issue.

Joe Quesada: But didn’t we kinda promise to bring them they are returning in

the first issue of the Fantastic Four?

Dan Slott: Well, yeah, but…

(Awkward pause)

Joe Quesada: But What?

Dan Slott: hmmm?

Joe Quesada: You said “yeah, but…” and then didn’t say anything.

Dan Slott: (Just stares at Joe)

Joe Quesada: Can I charge $6 for it?!

Dan Slott: For what?

Joe Quesada: For bringing back the Fantastic Four but actually bringing back

the Fantastic Four.

Dan Slott: Hey man, that’s a great idea! Can we do that?!!?

Joe Quesada: ($ signs appear in Joe’s eyes) Yes, Dan, I think we can.