Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Spider-Man for the PS4 are gearing up for release next month and recently, the Devs for Shadow Of the Tomb Raider spoke to COGconnected, and they had said that they aren’t nervous about Insomniac’s wall-crawling game. Eidos Montreal game director Daniel Bisson and lead writer Jill Murray did reveal that there was no rivalry between them and Insomanic. In regards to both games getting released in the same time window, Bisson said:

“I’m not worried about Spider-Man. I have friends working on it, so I’m very happy for them too, and I think, you were saying it, it’s a great year. And for me, Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider can co-exist. It’s a different experience. One’s way more about movement, the city, and things, and this one is way more about exploring and finding things that make life special.”

Murray has also reiterated the fact that “Only one game has Lara Croft.” These two games do look amazing, and I can see why the team at Eidos Montreal isn’t worried.  The new Spider-Man is nothing like the Tomb Raider game at all, so I won’t be worried about it, but I’m interested to see who sells more copies.