2012’s Wreck-It Ralph gave us a behind-the-scenes look at video game characters while they’re not getting used in their respective games. This Thanksgiving, the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet, will take us to a world beyond the arcade and into the internet! 

Ralph and Princess Vanellope will run into some iconic characters along the way including 14 of the most iconic characters from Disney, the princesses. When the trailer for the film was released, we got a quick glimpse of Princess Vanellope’s initial introduction to the ladies. And thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have an exclusive image from the movie that showcases what the princesses when they’re not busy being princesses. 

This picture is one of the coolest stills from the movie that has been released. I love getting to see the princesses when they ’re not in their fancy dresses and heels, just lounging in something I would wear. As well as, seemly inspired by a lot of amazing fan-art that is out there. 

Of course, Sarah Silverman (Princess Vanellope) has a lot to say about it. “I’m very proud of my character being a Disney princess with a human waist. I love that she is a princess but wears, like, a hoodie, and she inspires them all to wear comfortable clothes. It didn’t really cross my mind that I’m a Disney princess — like, that I’m canon— until we all met this year, and I got a little choked up. It’s corny, I know, but I was like, ‘Oh s—t, right. I’m this Jewish, comfortable-clothes-wearing Disney princess. How cool is that?” 

Even though the princesses loungewear is inspired by Vanellope, you can definitely tell that each princesses’ outfit was specifically made for them. Snow White has the poison apple, Cinderella has a fancy carriage, Elsa’s Nike inspired Slogan,“Just Let It Go”, and more. Just take a peek at the image and you’ll see the nods to each character. 

Co-director, Phil Johnston, said that the princesses inclusion is a novel extension of what Wreck-It Ralph achieved. “It’s what Wreck-It Ralph was about: What happens when the arcade is closed and how do these characters behave when no one’s looking? And it’s very similar to what happens when you’re backstage in the princesses’ dressing room. What do they do? What do they look like? What do they talk about?”  

There is definitely more than just their provincial lives. Sarah Silverman noted, “The princesses and Vanellope learn a lot from each other, but what happens in that discussion is acknowledging the… I don’t want to say just blatant sexism, but the kind of dated, antiquated idea of princesses and bringing it up to a feminist — meaning equal — code.” 

I’m so excited for this film to be releasing soon, and I can’t wait to see my favorite princesses together on the big screen for the first time.