Weekend Box Office 8/9-8/12: The Big Shark Is a Big Deal!


When a Number one takes on a number two in most any sport and the result is expected to be close, it is not that shocking if the #2 pulls off the win.  Its when the underdog smashes the #1 that people stare in shock.  Thus is the case with this weekend’s box office.  The Meg was thought to go neck and neck with Mission Impossible: Fallout, but the giant shark had no problem smashing its way to number one.

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The Meg swam in with a whopping $45.4 million.  Most estimates placed The Meg in the mid 20s for the weekend, but this shark would not be denied.  If Rotten Tomatoes is to be believed, The Meg came in with a 49% rotten from critics and 61% fresh from fans, but movies like The Meg tend to rate low on score charts, while scoring very well as a fun popcorn flick.  The real test will be to see how far it drops in week 2.

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In second place, Mission Impossible: Fallout brought in $19.3 million.  A nice total, but it represents a 45% drop in week 3, a bit more than was anticipated.  MI: Fallout has brought in $161 million in three weeks.  Fallout will continue to chase Mission Impossible II, the leader of the franchise.  The weekend box office was up 25% over last year.

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In a distant third place, Christopher Robin brought in just under $13 million, 47% drop over the previous week.  Over its two weeks in theaters, it has managed $50.5 million.

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In fourth place, is the second of three major releases.  The horror film Slender Man brought in $11.3 million.  This one has rated poorly, so expect a quicker than normal death here.  The only redeeming value in horror films like this is that they are made for pennies, and thus earn their budgets back quickly.  Not counting advertising, it’s already hit its $10 million budget.

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Finally in fifth place, Spike Lee’s new movie BlacKkKlansman brought in $10.8 million.  Normally this would seem like a bad opening, but when you consider it only played on 1500 screens, that’s a fairly good total.  This film is running among Spike Lee’s best films so far.


The Meg made the story this week by doubling up expectations, but how well can it do in week 2?  Will it be able to maintain a low 50s drop, or will its drop by closer to the 60s?

Next week we have three wide releases.  Crazy, Rich Asians is a romantic comedy that has been told a thousand times, just not quite like this. An Asian girl from New York meets her boyfriend’s rich family in Singapore.  With many of today’s hottest Asian actors, this movie looks like fun.

Mile 22 is an action film starring Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey.  Your typical government vs crime syndicate, this may be The Meg’s biggest competition.

Finally, Alpha.  An ice age era tale about a boy befriending a wolf and inventing man’s best friend.  I’m having a hard time determining what age group this movie is meant for, but it looks like a fun, heart-warming film.  I think John Wick proved the power of a pet.