In anticipation of Power Morphicon 2018, Power Rangers Legacy Wars dropped a video on their Facebook called “Disturbance in the Grid.”

It displays five orbs of energy, blue, gold, purple, white/silver, and a black yellow/gold. These represent the five characters joining the Legacy War. What five characters will join this fight?

On Tuesday August 14 they revealed the blue orb to be Anubis Kruger, The Shadow Ranger, from Power Rangers SPD.

On Wednesday August 15 unveil the gold orb to be Antonio Garcia, The Gold Samurai Ranger, from Power Rangers Samurai.

With three characters left to reveal I’d like to guess on who is coming next. For the white orb I’ll say it’s Delphine, White Alien Ranger. For the purple orb I’ll say RJ, Wolf Ranger from Power Rangers Jungle Fury. But I have a feeling this is pink and I think they may go Ranger Slayer from BOOM! Comics or Chloe, Hyperforce Pink. Finally the black and gold orb I will guess Galvanax.

With three orbs left to be revealed, which other Characters do you want to see join the fight? Comment below on who you think it will be.