STAR WARS: What characters May Resurface in Mandalorian Stories


*minor spoilers may ensue*

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This past Sunday night on our Star Wars Fanatics podcast (Sunday, 8pm pac/11pm est), the topic was brought up asking who the fans would like to see in Favreau’s rumored Mandalorian streaming series.  Ro kept saying he wanted to see Maul.  I wanted to bang my head against the screen because Maul has been dead for roughly ten years at that point. It got me to thinking, on larger known characters, who does Favreau have to draw from?  While we are on the topic, who will Filoni have to draw from for his renewed Clone Wars series.  Let’s take a look at what familiar faces could show up.

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THE JEDI – Obviously Filoni will have the full library to draw from as the designs we have seen in costumes leads us to believe the new episodes will run very close to the launch of Revenge of the Sith.  Favreau will have pretty much no one to draw from here as the Jedi have been long dead.  Luke or Leia would be possible in the timeline, but given Carrie’s death and Hamill’s age, voice work would be the best we could expect, possibly a hologram.  In a dreamer’s world, Sebastian Stan could be cast as an age appropriate Luke.  Here is the thing though.  The Mandalorians and the Jedi have never gotten along.  In fact they fought each other decades ago.  It would be nice to see the Jedi/Mandalorian feud show up in Favreau’s series somehow.  I just don’t know how.  If not here I would like to see the Mandalorians feature into an Old Republic series.