Coda from Boom! Studios has quickly become one of my favorite ongoing series. Simon Spurrier (The Spire, Godshaper) and Matias Bergara (Cannibal, Supergirl) continue to amaze with a compelling story and beautiful artwork. I am pre-sad that this series is already a third way over.

In the previous issue, we learned you can never trust a bard. We were lead to believe that Hum’s wife, Serka, was either dead or kidnapped. She, in fact, is very much alive and well. Not only well, but a total badass who takes out an entire army including a giant.

There is a lesson you will learn; sometimes you must go back a turn

Finally, we are getting some answers as to what the Quench is and how it came about. We start with Hum showing us what a bard does as he recites his recollection of the past events: “Dodgy soundalikes and rhythms that keep changing” as described so eloquently. We also learn more about his wife and what his true mission is. After a brief exchange between husband and wife, Serka heads off to a meeting with the shady mayor where she accepts a position of honor despite her husband’s protests.

Learning that the recently defeated army and giant are expected to attack within a month, Serka decides to take the fight to them. Hum tags along with his wife and desperately continues to make a case for not returning to the town. After a failed attempt to change defense tactics Serka finds out Hum has been holding back vital information. Anyone that has been caught lying to a woman recognizes the following exchange between the husband and wife. Serka calms down and informs Hum that they will continue their original plan. Hum, upset and rightfully so, tries to get back to his original plan of saving his wife after getting ahead.

The humor and quirkiness of this series are on full display in this issue. Remember to pick this up on 8/15 at your local comic shop. Now please enjoy the following variant cover as well as five-page preview.