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Recently one of our Thathashtagshow authors, JJ Goodman, wrote an article about Filoni being removed from The Resistance more than his previous works (see link below).  Filoni will be launching and guiding the new series, but he will not be overseeing the every day creation of the show.  This reminds me of the stories Filoni used to tell about how George Lucas guided him as he created and ran The Clone Wars.

This new cartoon is taking on the flavor of a show that is skewing towards the younger audiences.  The streaming service, once up and running next year, will carry more adult themes.  With the news that Filoni will not be running the show, it might make some fans cringe.  Could this new cartoon be the first one not worth following?  Will it be too kiddy fluff?  While that remains to be seen, I really do not think that is the point.  Instead I fell the apprentice is about to replace the master, and Filoni’s detachment from Resistance is a great thing.

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Forget about Resistance for a second.  It will be what it will be.  The real story here is Filoni being freed up from constant daily duties he cannot avoid.  This could be the first step in Dave Filoni’s growth.  Once the show is launched and on its feet, Dave can continue to step away.  His future may begin to be realized.

A great many people have been clamoring for Dave to be promoted and given more creative powers.  In about a year, year and half’s time, Jon Favreau’s streaming series will begin.  Favreau will launch it, but that does not mean he will be directing every episode.  This may be the perfect chance to plop Filoni behind the TV camera and let him direct and even tell a couple stories of his own.  Also with the cutting edge technology Favreau is using for his show, this may lead to movie effects renovation to cheapen the cost of the movies.  Filoni would be well versed in its use.

If his directing of the Favreau show goes well, the apprentice may succeed the master.  Dave Filoni may get a chance to direct a live action big screen feature.  He will truly have grown into George’s shoes like no other.  The way Filoni brings story bits full circle is incredible.  It rivals shows like the British Dr Who.  In that show tidbits are dropped that no one can catch, and by the end of this season or the next, it is a major plot point to the show.  Space Whales anybody??

I for one am excited to hear Filoni is stepping back.  This may be his perfect shot to finally direct live action.  Besides, we all know he will be right back behind the cartoon helm when it comes time to tell the story of Ahsoka and Sabine going after Ezra.

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