Catherine Allingham is a private eye with no mystery she can’t solve in The Unknown Vol. 1.  However, with a brain tumor and six months to live how many cases can she solve?  

The tumor is growing very rapidly and can not be treated.  A six month life expectancy is be generous according to Allingham.  However, the tumor has not affected her everyday functions at all. Well there is one thing which has been happening a lot.  She sees a gray man from time to time in a suit who is always smiling a evil smile. As the comic progresses it is unclear if he is a hallucination or real.

Allingham solved the case of a serial killer known as the Zodiac II.  This made her famous and a highly sought after detective. While leaving one case she sees a club security guard with good detective skills named James Doyle.  She needs the muscle so she offers him a job.

The pair are on their way to solve the disappearance of a highly advanced scale.  This scale was designed to measure the weight of a human soul when someone dies. It takes no time to find who took the scale, but getting it back is proving to be a little bit more difficult.

The Unknown Vol. 1 was written by Mark Waid with art by Minck Oosterveer.  BOOM! Studios published the volume in 2010.

I was hoping for a different kind of comic.  When I first started reading I thought it would be a crime story with supernatural elements.  However, this is much more of a Sherlock Holmes story with supernatural elements.

This story has a lot of Allingham putting little pieces together like a puzzle and walking the reader through the reveal.  That is absolutely not what I wanted and was really disappointed that is what this is about.

The big story of this gray man is the interesting part of the story, but we get no information about who he is, what he is or if he is real.  I couldn’t care less about this scale which was stolen. Allingham and Doyle are never really explored so I never cared about them. It is really hard to enjoy a comic with zero characters you care about.

One thing I loved was the cover art.  A big part of why I wanted to read this volume was how cool the covers looked.  However, the cover artist doesn’t do the internal art. The internal artist, Oosterveer, is not a bad artist, but the style is totally different.  When I started reading I was really let down the styles are so dissimilar.

I found this volume uninteresting with unrelatable characters.  It wasn’t a chore to get through the volume, but the entire time I was waiting for the story to get somewhat interesting.  However, that point never came.